Update: Priority Morrisseau

The past several months have been challenging for the country of Haiti. Every day we continue to pray for our friends in Morrisseau and for the peace and healing of the nation of Haiti. Recent events have brought natural disasters, political unrest, and kidnappings of mission workers. In all of this, most of these challenges remain unresolved.

Still, we continue to fight and pray for the good. As you can see from the pictures here below, our Morrisseau community continues to see positive movement forward. Recently, many people were baptized, committing themselves to God, amid great struggle. In addition, our amazing school opened up with over 100 students, even with the damage to the building from the recent earthquake.

We continue to send your donations and love to the mission–100% of what you give is reaching the field! Currently, damages to the building are being assessed, so we can support our friends as they rebuild the school building.

We stand with our friends and want to thank you for your continued support, hopes, and prayers. Be encouraged by the faithfulness of our community!

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