The Goal

SER is a team of Dreamers who believe that every person should be able to achieve the dreams in their lives no matter the circumstances.  Although we are at our beginning stage, we have a great community of supporters at home in the United States and in Latin America. Our first project is in Puebla, Mexico, and our ultimate goal is to expand to Central and South America and the Caribbean. We are aware that children deeply need extra support in their education, not only regarding academics, but also personal growth, hygiene, nutrition, and ethics. Especially in underprivileged communities, we know that poverty plays the main role in the reason children do not live out their highest potential.

SER’s primary mission is to teach and assure children that their circumstances do not determine the person that they can become.


Children who live in poverty seldom get asked this question. They are not told that the sky is the limit for them.
Getting beyond their immediate surroundings seems impossible.

Advanced degrees–even finishing high school–are pipe dreams. They are not encouraged to become physicists or marine biologists or accomplished writers, for example.

In dreaming, equality doesn’t exist. For some children, poverty has consumed their natural talents. Their caregivers are focused on trying to make ends meet. Impoverished children’s wings are clipped at an early age.

Our goal at SER is to let these children’s lives and dreams take flight! With the space to dream and the necessary supports, we believe these children can become anything they want to be!
One of our many objectives is to develop the child’s talents and allow them to discover opportunities for their future. We hope to stimulate their thinking and imagination by exposing them to career and entrepreneurial opportunities and various resources.

Our after-school programs and workshops will give them the opportunity to expand their minds and develop critical thinking. We aim to awaken self-love and self-confidence by turning their natural gifts and talents into strengths to improve their development, to give them vision and hope for the future.