Priority Haiti

The country of Haiti was the victim of a terrible earthquake on January 12, 2010. Before the earthquake, Haiti was considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and after the quake it became much worse. Still today, thousands of people live in make shift tents with no clean water, food or education.

Priority One Worldwide has been given the opportunity to sponsor a school of over 100 children in the mountains of Haiti. This village has never received a dime of relief from anywhere, as the money is typically stolen before it gets there. POW will be funding the school so the children will be able to receive a proper education. POW will also be sponsoring a lunch program everyday so that the children will get their much needed nutrition. As always with POW, 100% of the donations go to the field to help those in need, and all operational costs of POW are covered by the board members.


Priority Mexico

SER is a team of Dreamers who believe that every person should be able to achieve the dreams in their lives no matter the circumstances.  Although we are at our beginning stage, we have a great community of supporters at home in the United States and in Latin America. Our first project is in Puebla, Mexico, and our ultimate goal is to expand to Central and South America and the Caribbean. We are aware that children deeply need extra support in their education, not only regarding academics, but also personal growth, hygiene, nutrition, and ethics. Especially in underprivileged communities, we know that poverty plays the main role in the reason children do not live out their highest potential.

Priority Ukraine

Hope Haven is a place of love, acceptance, rehabilitation, education and spiritual support for disabled children and their parents.

HH team is 5-6 people, physiotherapist, speech therapist, music and art therapy, preparation for school, a psychologist and spiritual consultant. Each month we will be able to serve about a hundred children and their parents.

When parents see such unconditional love and find out that we are Christians, they are very interested in Faith in Jesus Christ, they accept salvation, water baptism and become part of the church.

Priority Navajo

The Truhn family has sold their things and are taking their 5 children into the Navaho reservation to be missionaries and work alongside evangelists spreading the gospel!

Human Trafficking is a large problem in the Native American Reservations because evil will target the girls and try to sell them as other Asian ethnicities. Ian and his wife, Leah, will be working alongside and creating programs to work with human trafficking survivors, raise awareness of the issue, and share the love of Jesus.

Priority Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is the largest country (geographical area) in mainland Southeast Asia, or Indochina.  Bordered by the People’s Republic of China on the northeast, Laos on the east, and Thailand on the southeast, Myanmar is located in the 10/40 window (an area of the world where the majority of unreached people groups reside). Myanmar has an estimated population of about 56 million, and 92% of the population is Buddhist. Priority One partners with Judah Tangshing and his church in order to bring the gospel to the people of Myanmar. Judah and his wife Khaw founded two orphanages and Wireless Christian Church. Their thriving ministry focuses on caring for orphans, preaching the gospel to unreached people, planting churches, and supporting Bible college students and evangelists.

Donation Opportunities

Priority One Worldwide continues to support Mission Myanmar through prayers, encouragement, and communication.

As of Dec 01, 2016, Mission Myanmar has partnered with Real Life Church in Clermont, Florida, to be his central donation site.


Priority Hong Kong

Priority One Worldwide is committed to helping orphans all throughout the world – not just with meeting basic needs such as clean water, healthy food, shelter and education, but also with finding them a loving forever family. Adoption is on the hearts of all the board members. We recently supported a couple adopting two twin boys from Hong Kong.

Donation Opportunities

Priority One Worldwide continues to support the Adoption from Hong Kong through prayers, encouragement, and communication.

Priority India

Mid India Christian Mission

Priority One Worldwide has worked alongside Mid India Christian Mission as these disciples care for orphan children, train youth and evangelists, and run outreach, health and education programs to benefit their community. This well-established ministry is supported financially by numerous churches in the U.S. and elsewhere, and has hosted many visitors. Priority One Worldwide has provided financial support for orphan care and spiritual partnership through prayer, visiting, sharing and training. We maintain communication with MICM and pray for their effective work in India.

New Bidipeth Christian Church

Priority One Worldwide has also partnered with this church body in central India to care for orphans in their community. Disciples from this church provide food and Bible teaching to many orphans and street children on a regular basis. As able, they also provide food and clothing to the poor. From 2012-2014, Priority One Worldwide helped this church in a special mission to house nine street boys, who lived with the pastor and his family. The children were provided with the care, spiritual guidance, nutrition, and education they had long been denied on the street. Since 2013, circumstances prevented the children from continuing their stay. We continue to pray for these special boys and also for the church body at New Bidipeth Christian Church.

Donation Opportunities

Priority One Worldwide continues to support MICM & NBCC through prayers, encouragement, and communication.

Priority Tanzania

Priority One Worldwide has worked alongside a ministry in Tanzania to support the education and development of a remote orphanage.

Donation Opportunities

Priority One Worldwide continues to support Tanzania through prayers, encouragement, and communication.