Empowering Futures: Transforming Lives in Veracruz, Mexico

At Veracruz, Mexico we are currently serving 37 children. We are volunteering at a school called “Chepinitas Apoyo Educativo” located in one of the most vulnerable areas in the city.
We hired a Child Psychologist to treat the children for abuse of all types, addiction, abandonment and violence at home.
My great privilege to work with the kids in person is that I get to see their immediate needs and with your donations we have been able to meet many of them.
We have supplied the kids with medicine, sneakers, clothes, groceries, school material and have served breakfasts for those children that come to school hungry.
We purchased a 43 inch LG screen to support our lessons with presentations and videos. I continue to teach English as a second language with the support of a hired grammar teacher Mrs. Carmen Castillo. We are currently offering four classes per week. However, in the new school year that will begin at the end of August 2024, we will be adding another class for the advanced in High School.
Also, for the new school term, we are planning to start a workshop in sawing and making garments.
And as usual, we will continue to enroll kids in technical schools to learn a trade. We currently have two kids enrolled in these schools. Jayro Morales is learning refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance. We also pay for all of his materials. And Alison Vásquez is learning to be a seamstress. She is very excited and always shows me what she has been learning how to make. I am extremely proud of our kids. Despite their difficult circumstances, they are fighting to move forward.
We just celebrated “El Día del Niño”. A day we celebrate children. We couldn’t buy gifts for all the kids, but we were able to give toys to the youngest ones.
Here are some pictures of the kids we are serving with all of our love!!! Thank you for your support, it would be impossible without your help.
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