Serving, Educating, and Restoring Children’s Dreams

SER stands for Serving, Educating, and Restoring Children’s Dreams and was born out of the need to help the less favored children in some areas of Latin America. We are aware that children deeply need extra support in their education, not only regarding academics, but also personal growth, hygiene, nutrition, and ethics. Especially in underprivileged communities we know that poverty plays the main role in the reason children do not live out their highest potential. We aim to awaken self-love and self-confidence by turning their natural gifts and talents into strengths to improve their development, to give them vision and hope for the future. Our mission has been to to teach and assure children that their circumstances do not determine the person that they can become.
In 2021, SER went to Veracruz, Mexico, and partnered up with a school called Chepinitas Apoyo Educativo. They teach elementary; Junior high and High school. Currently, SER is serving 35 children at Chepinitas. We buy school supplies; serve healthy breakfasts three times a week (we hope to get to five days); impart English classes to all levels (elementary, junior high, and high school). We also have been doing interviews via Zoom to professionals in other countries to expand the children’s awareness of other cultures and professions. We seek to inspire the children and spark a vision for their lives. Last month we had a Chef come to the school and share with the kids his experience in becoming a chef. He also demonstrated his knife skills in making guacamole and had the kids assist him. From that experience, three kids came up to express their interest in becoming a chef. SER has been looking into Gastronomy Schools to pay for the tuition of these students.
At this moment we have paid the tuition of one of our students to attend a specialized technical high school. We look forward to seeing more children continue their higher education with the help of our donors in order to pay for their tuition.
We continue to see Chepinitas grow and SER has helped the school renovate their bathroom and fix their leaky roof. It is important to have a safe and pleasant place for the children to learn and feel loved.
Now in 2023, we continue to meet the needs that arise such as paying for psychological therapy to some of the children that have been victims of abuse. We hope to see them be healed of past traumas and continue to become the amazing people that God created them to be.
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