Priority: Haiti sends greetings and updates!

While much is going on in the world, we are thrilled to report good news from Morrisseau, Haiti! The school and church buildings used for the community have taken shape. Today, the students enjoy secure facilities, sounds curriculum, caring teachers, hot lunches, and faith-driven inspiration. They also use the completed space for celebrations and community gatherings, which encourages everyone in the area. The mission has truly become a haven. Thank you to all who continue to support and pray for the mission.

Also, we are glad to report that no one has become ill with COVID-19. The students and teachers- and their families- remain healthy and well. As they break for summer, they shared about the great year of learning and growth. Come Fall, the school welcomes a new principal, Romanov Pierre, whose excitement and training prepare him to lead the school to new victories.

Keep watching the space for updates, and join our FB page if you haven’t already. There, we begin to address other areas of need, especially focusing on the fight against human trafficking. Please send us comments about the missions you support and any other important news. We value you and thank you for caring about others- even as you courageously face your own challenges.

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