Hope Haven

Hope Haven is a place of love, acceptance, rehabilitation, education and spiritual support for disabled children and their parents.

HH team is 5-6 people, physiotherapist, speech therapist, music and art therapy, preparation for school, a psychologist and spiritual consultant. Each month we will be able to serve about a hundred children and their parents.

When parents see such unconditional love and find out that we are Christians, they are very interested in Faith in Jesus Christ, they accept salvation, water baptism and become part of the church.

The Elderly

The average pension for one month for an elderly person is $73. Of course, if an older person has grown-up children, they can Help with money, food and medicine.

But if the elderly person is left alone and lives in the countryside, then no one needs them, the state does not have programs for such people and they die of hunger, cold, and lack of medical assistance.
I believe that taking care of such people is in the very heart of God and we want to fulfill His will and show His love. Therefore, the House of God’s love was created for lonely elderly people.

The elderly live ‪24/7‬ in that house, we love them, feed them and take care of them!

Most of them are atheists and communists, so we read the Bible to them and preach the Savior Jesus Christ to them so that they will be saved for eternity.

25-30 elderly people can live in our house. We have a staff of 5-6 people: an administrator, a nurse, a cleaning woman, two nannies, and a cook.

The Children

Allowance from the Government for the maintenance single mother with a disabled child is $47 per month. The Government does not help rehabilitate and educate children with disabilities. Therefore, these children sit at home and grow like plants in isolation, without medical care and often in need and starving.